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restaurant review: sabatino’s


Had lunch at Sabatino’s in Hawthorne this week.  They are one of the few pizzeria’s that still have a coal oven, and from the moment you walk in, the slightly charred smell of pizza crust is entirely enticing.  The decor feels like I stepped back into a larger version of our pizzeria in Morris Park, but with a “Happy Days” twist.

Food:  I ordered a small pizza with mushrooms, and I’m still thinking about it today.  The crust was so thin– about the width of a piece of cardstock.  The ratio of cheese to crust was great, and the mushrooms were fresh, not canned.  Can’t ask for too much more.   The pizza was about 7 inches across, and a little large for one person, but I didn’t eat the crust so that I could have those last few bites of cheesy goodness. 

Service:  Was entirely fine– one person working the counter/tables and maybe two people in the back.  My drink was finished, and I wasn’t offered a refill, but maybe because it wasn’t free?  Not sure.

Price:  Expensive if you are just one person going in for a small pizza (~$12) but not bad if you are two people sharing a larger pie ($15-18).

Sabatino’s Coal Brick Oven
101 Old Saw Mill River Road
Hawthorne, NY 10532

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