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Hosteria Mazzei


Had dinner at Hosteria Mazzei in Port Chester last Wednesday.  According to their website, the restaurant is authentically Italian, and if that is true, then I need to get to Italy as fast as I can.  

Food:  For appetizers, we ordered the fried clam dish and the cold antipasta plate– the clams were tasty but I wish I could have tried the calamari instead, or had a lovely order of mussels (which I did not see on the menu).   I wasn’t a huge fan of the “antipast”– the cheese was a bit dry and I’ve never been a huge fan of cold cuts.  My entree– the tagliatelle with shrimp– was awesome.  Black spaghetti-like noodles with small, baby shrimp, flavored well and tossed with olive oil… my lips are watering just thinking about it.  Dessert was fine but unremarkable– chocolate mousse & creme anglaise.

Service:  We arrived early and service was terrific, but there was a long wait between getting our dessert menu and the waiter returning to take our dessert order.  It was good company and good conversation, so this time wasn’t stressful, just made the evening a tad longer than needed.

Ambience:  The decor was lovely and large, a nice parking lot, and it was nice to have so many Italian people, speaking Italian (I get an extra point for everytime I write “Italian” in this post) all around.  There was also a table with about 8 businessmen right next to us, a table of about 8 women in the corner, and a few families and couples scattered about.  The owner came over to say hello, was in the dining room the entire night, and helped me with my coat at the end of the evening– swoon 🙂

Price:  I am going to put three $$$ since I am on a limited budget, but it would probably be $$ on others’ scales.  Entrees were $25 – $35 and you can imagine the rest.

Hosteria Mazzei
25 South Regent Street
Port Chester, NY 10573

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  1. Mallory permalink
    2009-03-11 7:00 PM

    I love authentic Italian places not so much for their food but more for their flirting, in Italian. We have a good one next to my office. They always call the girls Bella.

  2. bince permalink*
    2009-03-11 7:52 PM

    oh, but the food… so, when are we going to italy?

  3. Mallory permalink
    2009-03-12 9:04 PM

    When you decide you want to go. Duh!
    I’m going to D.C. in May.

    • bince permalink*
      2009-03-13 9:09 AM

      Okay, let’s talk about DC when I get there next week. Will send you details.

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