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aleyamma’s friday favorite


Another very basic Friday favorite from Aleyamma.   Mal, you can ignore all of this, because Aleyamma’s already told you all her secrets.


Are you someone who reads a lot of blogs or visits a ton of sites?  Do you not know what RSS is and how it can make your life simpler?  Try Bloglines

If you are on a website with RSS (that little orange icon that looks like radio waves in a square in Internet Explorer) is lit up, then you can add that site to your RSS feed.  Each day, instead of going through your favorites and clicking each blog you read to see if there has been an update, you can just log into Bloglines, and it will show only the sites that have been updated.

Bonus– I really enjoy using Bloglines to read my NY Times articles.  They have feeds that separate by each section (Living, Fashion, Television, etc.), but the one I like the best is the “Most Emailed Articles.”  It’s a quick way for me to keep on top of the news that people have emailed to each other, representative of national and international news, but mixed with science, lifestyle and other articles.  Here are a list of NYT feeds.

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