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I have a weird relationship with dreams.  I’ve only realized this recently, since I imagined that everyone has the same relationship that I have, but that is apparently not the case.

  • Dreaming almost every night.  At least 5 nights out of the week, I have a dream that I can remember immediately after I wake up.  Unfortunately, I don’t keep track as much as I could.
  • Extremely vivid, life-like dreams.  I hate this because sometimes I cannot remember what was a dream and what was real life.  I already have a ton of memory issues so this doesn’t help.
  • The previous two bullets together also make me feel like a drug addict.  When I am dreaming, although my body is resting, my mind is not, thus, feeling exhausted in the morning, being late to work, taking naps at lunchtime, etc.  This has gotten slightly better since practicing relaxation techniques before going to bed.
  • Being able to manipulate my dreams.  There are a few times a month where I am in a semi-conscious state where I can manipulate my dreams into scenarios I enjoy.  This can be quite lovely, especially when there are some times where I seriously have TACTILE dreams.  Call me crazy, but it’s true.  I can feel stubble, I can feel warmth, and I can feel myself touching and/or being touched.   These are also the dreams where I speak out loud.
  • Talking in my sleep.  When I am in my dreamworld and you make an apperance in realworld, I may not remember or the worlds may conflate.  Sorry about that.
  • Repeated dreams/settings/characters.  In my dreamworld, I often visit the same places (they don’t exist in real life).  For example, the church/living room building or the park with the big box truck.  Also, the only two nightmares I can remember having, have been repeating since I was a child.
  • Dream interpretation.  I don’t generally have prophetic dreams & visions, but I can typically understand the message that I am getting from my dream, and they often have a very real world application.  Many times that I’ve wanted to do something, the only thing that has changed my mind was a dream.

Anyone else?  Dream much?

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  1. Koche permalink
    2009-03-26 3:34 PM

    i dream alot too. but i have nightmares frequently.
    it’s not good.

  2. bince permalink*
    2009-03-26 3:38 PM

    No, that isn’t good. I’ll put up a list of things that work for me, including eye of newt.

  3. mallory permalink
    2009-03-28 12:03 AM

    I have so much to say about dreaming.
    I dream in color and surround sound. And my dreams are NEVER the same.
    I dream about weird weird weird things. (Most likely from the fact that I have natural doses of cocaine and LSD in my blood.)
    Once I dreamed I met this guy…I never saw his face but I remember he had the ashiest elbows and I woke up and the first thing I did is lather lotion all over my elbows.

    I forget a lot of my dreams but I always remember the effects of it.
    Manipulation is also something I do.
    Physically I am never affected by my dreams.
    The only real strange thing is, I remember an extremely high amount of Deja vu moments before they happen and I do have a lot of ‘vision-like’ dreams as well.

    So there, that’s my dream circle. I’ve always wanted to keep a dream journal. Maybe we should do a secret blog on just our dreams. haha!

  4. bince permalink*
    2009-03-29 10:00 AM

    You have to explain the cocaine and LSD comment.

  5. Mallory permalink
    2009-03-30 8:55 PM

    have you ever seen my doodles? For the longest time I’ve never been able to figure out what genre it is, till a few months ago, when I discovered ‘psychedelic’ art. It’s a form of art from the Woodstock days and they’re usually created after the artist consumes a high dose of LSD or cocaine or some meth. Now tell me, for a person who doesn’t do drugs, how’s it possible to come up with such incredibly psychopath-borderline art? It has to be a natural flow of it within my bloodstream. 🙂 That’s what all my co-workers say. And my friends.

  6. bince permalink*
    2009-04-04 10:11 AM

    Ummm… I think that the evidence of LSD or cocaine comes is more evidenced by this comment and your analysis of your doodles than the doodles themselves.

  7. Mallory permalink
    2009-04-06 10:05 PM

    Don’t hate. Appreciate.

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