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freedom friday

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Feeling physically and mentally run down, not getting adequate sleep, eating bad food, lonely, lacking human touch, stressed out about all the usual suspects, and wondering why it is still cold outside. 


Blast the “Happy CD” on repeat with the windows open.

I could sing unending songs
Of how You’ve saved my soul
And I could dance a thousand miles
Because of Your great love

My heart is bursting Lord
To tell of all You’ve done
Of how You’ve changed my life
And wiped away the past

Well, I want to shout it out
From every roof top sing
For now I know
That God is for me, not against me


Happy.  3.2008, Cologne, Germany

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  1. mallory permalink
    2009-03-27 11:55 PM

    You would NOT believe it if I told you that I woke up and sang this song all morning and all the way to work!!

    …Wow. The Spirit moves in marvelous ways.
    It riled up a new blog post in my head. I hope I don’t forget it by the time I get around to typing it out.

  2. bince permalink*
    2009-03-29 9:58 AM

    I believe you, Mal. Sometimes I sing a song in my head and BC or Jinx will then sing the next line outloud.

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