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wikipedia on death

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Wikipedia on death:

Death is the permanent termination of the biological functions that define a living organism. It refers to both a particular event and to the condition that results thereby.

“…the condition that results thereby.”  Death is not only the event but the state that living organism is in after it happens. 

What about a small shift in words?

“…the conditions that result thereby.” 

What are the conditions?

tremendous sorrow…

regrets of unspoken words, actions…

unpredictable, unavoidable torrential sadness…

memories rushing, a tsunami in your head…

the what ifs, guilt, blame, shame, God why…

the anger– why is LIFE touted as being so valued when DEATH always overcomes it–the rage…

and after…..

after the shock…

after the tears……

after the anger….

after it all…..

later, later, much later…

a quiet settling…

a memory

a thought

a smile

a calm

an understanding……

in the end, life overcomes death.  always.

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  1. ayyiyi permalink
    2009-04-01 9:37 PM

    “For I came to give you life, and life more abundantly…”

  2. Mallory permalink
    2009-04-03 11:56 PM


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