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private joke (aka HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAL!)


Was watching an episode of Frasier and it is about a cricket that somehow got in the house. Guys, it. is. hysterical. Frasier goes through EVERYTHING – can’t sleep, “it taunts me,” he’d slap everything that looked remotely cricketlike, everytime they’d go toward the cricket noise, it would go silent… aahhhh, sweet memories 🙂

classic moments:

“his royal chirpiness”
“here’s a gecko to eat the cricket.”
“so what do we do– get an owl to eat the gecko, get a tiger to eat the owl?  what eats a tiger?  tell me that.”  “an alligator for one.”

but guess what— IT WORKED.

summer 2009– the year of the gecko?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAL!!!!!!   weeee missss youuuuuuu……
(love, his & her royal chirpiness)


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