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tamil thursday


I was confused this week when I got text messages saying “Iniya Tamil Putthaandu Nallvaazhtukkal!” because I could have sworn that we had just celebrated Pongal, which I was told was also “Happy New Year.” 

Wikipedia gives this as an explanation…

Tamil New Year (Puthandu) is celebrated in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, on the first of Chithrai (சித்திரை). In the temple city of Madurai, the Chithrai Thiruvizha is celebrated in the Meenakshi Temple. A huge exhibition is also held, called Chithrai Porutkaatchi. In some parts of Southern Tamil Nadu, it is also called Chithrai Vishu. The day is marked with a feast in Hindu homes and the entrance to the houses are decorated elaborately with kolams. While the holiday generally falls on 13 or 14 April, this may no longer be the case (officially at least) in Tamil Nadu in the future, as a bill declaring the first day of the Tamil month ‘Thai’ (January 14) as the new Tamil New Year day was unanimously passed in the Tamil Nadu State Assembly. “

To all my Tamil friends– Putthaandu Nallvaazhtukkal!

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