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made me laugh



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  1. Koche permalink
    2009-04-23 7:02 PM

    first comment was, “wow, i look skinny. i should walk around like that more often.”
    then it was, “i love san’s face”
    then it was, “wow, my hair looked pretty good too.”

    mal says she’s honored to make it to your blog.

  2. Koche permalink
    2009-04-23 7:04 PM

    oh also, the other things that were said include “that’s what i would look like with cheekbones…too bad i don’t have them.”
    and malanie enjoys the bags under her eyes.

  3. 2009-04-23 7:21 PM

    My comments when i read your comments–
    “me too”
    “uh huh”
    “mal? uh oh, there are two mals.” Mal, write your own comments!
    “what is the name of that disease that people have when they don’t have cheekbones? it’s not pancreatitis…”

  4. Mallory permalink
    2009-04-24 1:14 AM

    HEY! I dont share nicknames!
    JC’s hot though.

  5. 2009-04-27 9:17 AM

    wow. talk about awesome.

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