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restaurant review: Cafe LULUc


A first time visit to this fantastic little restaurant, has put it in my top 10 restaurants in Brooklyn (maybe top 5).  I also have a bit of a problem now, because I want to keep going back there to try more food and have another crepe. 

Food:  Mussels in cream sauce– as L said, “it’s cooked in cream and bacon. how can you go wrong?”  The mussels were plump, fresh, cooked well (didn’t have that fishy smell and wasn’t too rubbery), and the sauce was piping hot.   Fried calamari– of all our dishes, this was the one I wasn’t thrilled with.  The calamari was passable, but the curry dipping sauce was fantastic.  B got a cheeseburger, which looked good, but I can personally vouch for those delicate, french fried potatoes, that seemed to float off the plate.  They were seasoned with fresh ground pepper, and dipped in that curry aioli– mmmmm…mmmm.  And for dessert– molten chocolate cake with hazelnut ice cream and, my pick, crepes with nutella (!) that came with some yummy peanut butter ice cream. 

Ambience:  I’ve only been to France once, so I certainly don’t have the depth of knowledge to call it “Paris in spring,” but the decor and ambience was decidedly French.  They had great international music playing at the right volume.  The booth we sat in was a little tight, especially for those of us with long legs (that would not be me).

Service:  We arrived late (around 10:30 PM) and there wasn’t any wait.  The waiter was…interesting.  We couldn’t figure out if he was being sarcastic, rude, or thought we were stupid.  I chalked it up to a real French experience.  The food came out in a timely way and tasted fantastic, so there wasn’t too much to complain about. 

Price:  Considering the economy, I am going to give it a high $$ (appetizers were a little less than $10, entrees were a little under $20, desserts were about $6 – $9.) but quite reasonable for the quality of food that we got.

Cafe LULUc
214 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 625-3815

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