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conviction: gossip

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I had a fantastic time catching up with old friends at a wedding yesterday, and I don’t want my post to spoil that, but I do feel convicted about one thing that I have to share– falling back into the habit of gossip. 

First, let me say that I am definitely NOT pointing fingers: I fully participated, I take responsibility for that, and my conviction is deeply personal and timely (last week’s message at church reiterated the evils of gossip that I know well).

I struggle particularly with not falling into old patterns, particularly when I am around “my people.”  It’s hard not to gossip, because that’s what we do.  That’s our people.  That’s the Malayalee way. 

And so many questions.  What do you do when someone else starts to gossip?  Doesn’t it come off as judgmental if you interrupt them?  Do you look stupid?  What if it’s not harmful gossip?  What is the line between gossiping and telling the truth about something?  Are you gossiping if you are trying to correct someone’s belief or give the right information?  What if you are sharing something to prevent further harm? 

Romans 1:29 puts gossip and murder in the same category of sin.  I am not surprised since they both cause people such pain and suffering, and in some cases, even death.

Here is a powerful clip that we saw last week about gossip.  It is from the movie Doubt, where a priest has found out that the headmistress just shared a rumor about him with a young nun.

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