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malayalam monday


A favorite song.

Original transliteration:
Sthudhi chey maname nithyavum nin
Jeeva nadhen yesuve
Ithu pol swajeevan thannorathma
Snehithan verraarini

My version of a literal translation (with Malayalam syntax):
Praise do soul for eternity your
Life savior Jesus
This like own-life gave-one-spirit
Lover who-else-again

A palatable translation:
Oh my soul, eternally praise Jesus, your life’s savior;
Who else will there be again to love your spirit, to give his own life?

Observations of Process.

  • This was HARD.  When it’s vocalized, it’s so much easier to interpret and get the meaning across.
  • I would not have done the song justice, had I just done a verbal interpretation.  (maybe something like, “praise forever, Jesus who saved your life; who like him has given it up for you?”)
  • I found words hidden in other words.
  • Being literal and being understood are two different things.
  • There are probably at least a few more translations that can come out of this exact song.

Observations of Language

  • This is an observation I’ve had since childhood, but for spirit, why do we say “almav” and it’s written “aathmav
  • Why is aathmasnehithan broken up?  It’s a phrase, which I always thought meant, “lover of my soul” but literally dosn’t aathmav mean spirit and maname mean soul (taken from my memory of Psalm 103 – en maname Yehovay…)
  • When you sing a song forever, you don’t realize things like part of it is a command and part of it is a question.


That was kind of cool.  Maybe boring for the vast majority of anyone who reads this, but cool for a geek like me.  Love the song even more now!

How about a new category for talent competition in addition to bible reference and song reference– sing the Malayalam version of  the English translation?

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  1. Mallory permalink
    2009-05-04 10:07 PM


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