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friday favorites: political graphic arts


I love the comics, and as I’ve grown older, I appreciate the extreme talent it takes to enlighten others through little bits of creative journalism, squeezed into small spaces.  Here are some of my favorite political/religious satire sites:

  • The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus by Jon Birch- what is ASBO you might ask?  It’s a British term for “anti-social behavior order” (which we might call “antisocial personality” here).  The cartoons hold up a mirror to “christchuns” (that charming group of church goers who identify more with church culture than with Christ culture), to non-believers, and to ourselves.  Some of the graphics are poignant, some are funny, some are absolutely true.




  • Ampersand by Barry Deutch – You saw a small clip a few weeks ago; Mr. Deutch looks at different privileges and expresses them in a way that’s very easy to grasp.



BTW, if you aren’t using an RSS reader like Bloglines yet, then you are spending a lot of time visiting sites uselessly.

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  1. mallory permalink
    2009-05-08 11:42 PM

    I love the snowman one. Hilarious.

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