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trying to be thankful for the rain


Because it is raining, I…

  1. Don’t have to bring my car to the car wash.
  2. Don’t need to water the lawns (like I do anyway).
  3. Don’t have to shave my legs (like I do anyway :-))
  4. Don’t have to straighten my hair (going to get curly in the rain).


  1. The inside of my car is a filthy mess because all the car washes are closed.
  2. Can’t enjoy the lawn because there is a foot of water on top of it.
  3. Running out of summer clothes, because most of my hot weather wardrobe consists of skirts.
  4. Frizzy, nasty hair is unattractive.


As much as I am complaining, I cannot quickly forget a night three weeks ago, when the Kerala monsoon came early.  Of course, that was the night we decided to leave at 11 PM from Angamally, to try to make the five hour drive to northern Kozhikode.  It was one of the scariest nights I can remember.  The rain poured down in sheets, viciously, loudly, completely covering every millimeter of our car.  The sky was letting down water faster than the earth could soak it up.  The pedestrians, bikes, scooters, motorcycles and Maruti’s had given up and left the road to the rest of us.  The lorries and buses had their advantage as they pushed forward with their dozens of horsepower.  Our “luxury” car almost served as a boat on certain points, bobbing in the water.  In my head, I heard my driving instructor lecturing about hydroplaning, as we floated to each intersection.  We couldn’t talk to each other because the drops made such a loud staccato sound on the thin metal above our heads, separating us from this Niagara.  A little after 3 AM, we finally made the last turn onto the narrow road, leading into A’s house.  In the morning, I remember waking up to the brightest green leaves on tall trees, sagging to the ground with the water beating against it.  As the rain cleared up, A made little paper boats for the puddles in front of the house, that her niece happily played with as she splashed barefoot on the bright, sepia ground. 

That night and morning changed my view on rain.  I had seen beauty and life and fear and power in a matter of 12 hours.  But this rain?  It is cold, gray, lifeless, dreary, depressing, make you want to eat hot & sour soup while you watch the Golden Girls and cuddle under the comforter rain.  This is humid, wear thick socks, messy hair, nothing appropriate to wear rain.  I try to be thankful for rain, the same way I am thankful for finding a spot on the farthest side of the parking spot at the mall the day before Christmas, because it reminds me I have been blessed with physical fitness to walk, but it is getting increasingly difficult.   Summer, come quick!

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