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  • Is it really Thursday?  I apologize to my millions of readers.  This week has been out of control, and I promise to try to be better for next week.  It might take until Sunday, though…
  • Pee schedule.  My roommate and I are on the same pee schedule.  Every time I open my door to go to the bathroom, she is either in there or her door opens at the exact same time.  Every. time.
  • I had a bad food day yesterday, and my stomach feels like the day after I arrived from India.
  • Where or where can my sunshine be?  June 25th.  Is there hope for today?
  • Been feeling really motivated and getting a lot done, but it is non-stop.
  • I wish I lived in a town called New Yorleans.  Where I could get gumbo, crawfish and Waffle House by day, hear jazz and the blues by night, but also eat GOOD Indian food at 2 am.
  • Another big decision in the air.  How do you know when it’s the right door opening?  Oh yeah… prayer. 
  • I miss J.  Maybe by the end of this year?
  • Last, but certainly not least:  Last Thursday night, I could barely sleep and kept waking up, because I wanted to make sure I made a very important call on Friday.  Of course, after I woke up, I realized that one of the people I wanted to call was in some country with tulips (the Netherlands?  Amsterdam?).  And by the time the evening rolled around, it didn’t happen.  Enough of the excuses.  Without further ado, I want to wish My (dearest) Meany and WWJD a happy 5th wedding anniversary.  You guys are officially an old married couple.  Thank you for being an example of Godliness, partnership, respect, and love.  You are inspiring and Meany, I am glad you married your best friend.  May every year be better than the last.  Love ya.


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  1. rosamma permalink
    2009-06-28 12:41 AM

    new yorleans. i love it. i’ll move there with you!

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