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“c” seafood

  • crab:  Crab tastes and smells really fishy.  If you order “soft shell crab,” you can eat the shell, but why would you want to?  Crab cakes are good.
  • clams:  Kind of delicate, has a really soft part sometimes that feels like you are popping their brain in your mouth.  Makes everything else really salty that you add to it (the black tagliolini and artichokes with olive oil tasted too salty with the clam, but was perfect with the shrimp).
  • calamari: Needs to be cooked just right.  Too chewy reminds me of rubberbands and uncooked makes me nauseous to think about.  Last night’s dinner was fine, but with a very fine breaded coat and some killer dipping sauce…mmmmm….

Dinner tonight with Mrs. C.  Yeah!

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