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new words to learn


Was texted awake this morning with the news that India has decriminalized sex between two people of the same gender. 

The part of the article that struck me most was that it was the British that criminalized this in the first place, and the traditional groups that hate all remnants of colonialism are now opposing the overturning of another law that  brings India back to an autonomous, self-thinking, historically peaceful country. 

Some other parts of the story that stood out:

“Gay men and women have rarely been prosecuted under Section 377 in India in modern times, but it has been used to harass, blackmail and jail people.”

“India’s family-oriented society is generally unwelcoming of homosexuality except in the most cosmopolitan circles. It is not uncommon for gay men and women to marry heterosexuals and have families, while carrying on secret relationships with members of the same sex.”

“Gay pride parades in Indian cities last weekend attracted thousands of marchers, and several recent Bollywood movies, like Dostana, have included gay themes and characters, often played by Bollywood’s biggest heterosexual stars.”

What am I thinking?  Going to use this chance to learn some new words in Malayalam, so I’m not having to constantly explain what gay & lesbian mean in English.  (It comes up more than you’d think.)

Read the rest of the article here.

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