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  • July, why are you betraying me like June did?  Why?
  • Have been having MAJOR forgetfulness issues.  Left the house every day this week either without my phone, without my wallet, without my laptop… something.
  • Overslept this morning for the first time in a looong time.  Woke up at exactly 9:00 AM and was in my car by 9:15.
  • Fourth of July looks like it’s going to be a wash, but hoping to see a few friends and spend time with some of my family (no thanks to you know who you are).
  • Have been doing staff evaluations at work and am thanking God that I am blessed with staff who make my life pretty easy (not always, but a lot easier than some other people).
  • Launching our new website, twitter page, blog, linked in group, et. al. over the next few days, and I am digitally feeling wiped out.
  • Facebook is crawling with picknak posts.  Remembering a time when I would be traveling right about now.  Feeling good that it’s in Chicago, a city that I’ve visited and really enjoyed.  Hopefully others will like it, too.  Also, saw a twitter about the Hindu conf and picknak being at the same place– hilarious.
  • Love you, Rosamma.  And Mal– you’re a good friend– thinking about you.  Koche, how was your test?  Anyone else out there?
  • Need to find some time to go hang out in the city and some time to take more pictures. 
  • Speaking of pictures, my laptop officially has less than 10% memory left on the hard drive, so need to find another place to store my pictures.
  • Also speaking of pictures, I have officially accepted that I lost my flash and got a much cheaper one, but one that I’ve been coveting for a while.  I wanted it before Gisha’s graduation, but I’ll inaugurate it this weekend.
  • Coveting– how do you pronounce it?  KAvetting (say it really fast with the emphasis on the first syllable) or kaVEtting (say it a little slower, sounds something like kvetching)?
  • Apparently I also over articulate the blended consonant “thr” as in “three,” “thrown,” or “thrill.”  Now I’m hyperconscious of it, which doesn’t help because my work telephone number has four 3’s in it.
  • The blog has too many personal posts on it recently, but I haven’t been reading as much.  Will try to switch it up some more.  Why am I even bothering to write this, because I have no idea what you, my millions of readers, want to see, so until you bother to comment or send smoke signals, it will continue to be…the life and times of aleyamma. 
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  1. Koche permalink
    2009-07-02 10:33 PM

    and it’s all done till august. i passed everything, successfully.
    no ciabatta bread for me.

    • 2009-07-02 10:42 PM

      Apparently KAvetting is not the “right” way… Congrats and til August?? What ever will you do?

  2. mallory permalink
    2009-07-04 9:26 AM

    DON’T stop blogging. Personal or otherwise! I read this religiously even though I don’t comment. So I need to know which flash I should get for my camera. Not a fancy one. Just enough to get by. i dont the first thing about flashes. Need help…yet again. 🙂

    • 2009-07-04 4:42 PM

      I’m feeling a little self-conscious. I’ve been reading about “how to be a better blogger” and it’s all saying– “the blog isn’t about you, it’s about the readers.” But they don’t tell you what to do if your readers don’t tell you what they want.

      Flashes– I’m definitely not a pro on it, but I’ll put up a post later this week with what I do know.

      Thanks for commenting!

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