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restaurant review: the brazen fox


White Plains, just north of New York City, has been growing like a teenage boy who just hit puberty.  The arrival of the Ritz Carlton and Trump Towers downtown have added to the city’s legitimacy as a hot spot, but they are only two of the more popular places.  Some of the lesser known spots deserve their 15 minutes, but The Brazen Fox deserves at least an hour.

Food:  It’s hard to write eloquently about food when your mouth is watering so much with the memory.  Get a burger cooked “medium” and the juice drips down your chin, while your mouth is enjoying the perfect flavors.  I am a mushroom afficionado, and these are some of the best cooked mushrooms (ranks up there with the time I went to the high-priced Morton’s Steakhouse).  I’ve also had the lobster ravioli– one time was amazing and one time was very good, and have tasted the salad with scallops– fresh and tasty.  For those interested, there is a whole page of drinks for $4 during happy hour, including a ton of margarita’s in different flavors.   Their menu is online (link below) if you want to see what else they have to offer.

Ambience:  The place is big, so you can have your privacy if you want it, but it’s always alive and bustling.  There is outdoor seating as well as huge booths, regular tables, and bar-style long high tables with chairs around it, seating about 6.  During the weekends, they turn one area into a dance floor (haven’t been there yet), and during the day, they have free wi-fi.  There is also tons of parking in the back, and a back entrance.

Service:  Has always been impeccable.

Price:  Just about what you’d expect.  Burgers are anywhere between $8 – $12, salads are about the same and the other entrees are a little higher.  Haven’t gotten dessert yet, but can’t wait to get some on my next trip.

If you’re still in doubt, doubt no more– head to the Brazen Fox next time you’re in White Plains and you won’t be sorry.

The Brazen Fox
175 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 358-5911

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  1. Mallory permalink
    2009-07-13 12:17 AM

    Now I’m starving.

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