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  • Watching 16 & Pregnant and crying (what is wrong with me?).  The couple on this episode have more sense and courage than their parents.
  • Worked out like crazy this week and I have not lost a single pound.  Not okay, but getting fodder for a new episode of “Exercise Adventures.”
  • Went out to a work thing last night and got bit up by mosquitos.
  • No AC in my room yet.
  • Going to see J tomorrow.  Mixed feelings.  Can’t wait to see him but hate what it means for the two other people I love the most.
  • Work has been extremely busy and trying to figure out what the future holds.  The only thing that comes to me is, “I don’t know who holds tomorrow, but I know who holds my hand.”
  • Okay, the episode is getting sadder…Tyler is crying, Catelynn is hugging him, and I am sobbing.  Aleyamma out.
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  1. mallory permalink
    2009-07-17 12:14 AM

    Why no AC?
    And that thing about work…sigh. Same here. Same here.

  2. Koche permalink
    2009-07-20 9:21 PM

    sadly, when i’m bored – i watch 16 and pregnant too.
    i laugh at their idiocy.
    why don’t 16 year olds know that sex makes babies?

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