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Thank you scorps for finding this gem.  Watch the video and tell me if anyone else got a little teary.  (BC, I’m afraid to show this to you, because I know you’re capable of anything!)

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  1. b2zc permalink
    2009-07-23 8:43 AM

    That’s what I’m talking about!!! I guess it’s no surprise you that I thought of something similar long ago…

    • 2009-07-24 3:23 PM

      Yes, had you had your way, My Meany’s “body worship down the aisle wedding” would have been the first of the trend.

  2. The Med Student Formerly Known As permalink
    2009-07-23 11:53 AM

    its so funny that you would put this up. I just went to Oregon at the beginning of this month cuz my friend was getting married. She had a musical wedding. The whole thing was a song. It was soooo awesome! Not much dancing but there was a little running around and some acting involved too.

  3. bizzyb permalink
    2009-07-24 9:44 PM

    a broadway-musical style wedding, hmmmmmmmm….. very interesting… i think i have couple of friends who might be interested in going this route… 🙂

  4. bizzyb permalink
    2009-07-24 9:51 PM

    i watched it again–bollywood and dirty dancing + a little matrix moves= gotta love it.

  5. 2009-07-24 11:40 PM

    I really thought you would say you liked the body worship type swaying thing that was going on in the middle (before the bride came in).

    And, am I the ONLY one who got emotional watching all the happiness. I mean, they were so happy.

    • Koche permalink
      2009-07-25 11:50 PM

      i got a little misty too. you’re not alone.

  6. bizzyb permalink
    2009-07-25 12:11 AM

    that’s the matrix moves. and yes, that is what made my day. that and the groom’s entrance–those took some creativity. 🙂

  7. 2009-07-25 2:34 PM

    pathetic fact 487: i’ve never watched the matrix.

  8. Mallory permalink
    2009-07-28 7:30 PM

    OMGOSH!!! The Matrix is so flippin awesome. Actually, the first one is the best. The third’s the worst. Please watch it. It’s so intelligent.

    • 2009-07-29 10:58 AM

      Three reasons I haven’t seen The Matrix:
      1. I have a hard time watching movies if it doesn’t just happen by accident or last minute.
      2. If a movie is really hyped up, I’m afraid it will not meet it’s expectation.
      3. I heard it’s kind of scary.

  9. Koche permalink
    2009-08-01 10:51 PM

    this is hilarious – here’s the ending to this happy couple’s story!

  10. Koche permalink
    2009-10-19 4:55 PM

    if you go to this video on youtube now, there’s a website in the description. because they were dancing to chris brown’s “forever” and got famous for it, they set up a site where people can donate to an anti-domestic violence foundation. they’ve raised more that $20,000 so far. i thought you’d appreciate it.

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