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What’s the difference between a bad job and human trafficking?


No, this isn’t a legal definition, but it makes the point.

Well done.

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  1. 2009-07-30 8:44 PM

    Thank you for posting our clip!

    Stories favoured by the media focus on trafficking in the sex industry, but we want to raise awareness that trafficking and extreme exploitation happen in many different industries.

    We also want to show that there is a continuum from what is a “bad job” to what should be properly known as “slavery”, and that distinctions between different levels on the exploitation scale are not always clear.

    Our perspective is uniquely Australian but we know that labour trafficking of this kind happens in developed economies all over the world.

    In addition to our outreach, education and media advocacy, we run a free legal centre staffed by qualified lawyers and represent people who have been trafficked to and/or enslaved in Australia. Please check out our website for updates on other work we are doing and how you can get involved:

    Thank you again and best wishes,
    The Anti-Slavery Project team
    Sydney, Australia

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