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  • I am really suffering from not having spiritual nourishment during the week.  The things I used to rely on– my family, my job, my friends– none of them make me happy the way they used to.  Cliched, but there is a God-shaped hole that I am not filling up the way I should.  Sunday is just not enough. 
  • Planning a special day that is coming up before the end of the year.  A little daunting but happy that it will be small and special.
  • Discussed a major change this week with someone.  Waiting on word to see if it will work out, but it will be a big change and a commitment to something that I hadn’t been planning on.  We’ll see how it works out.
  • Need to step up my game with making money.  There are some very immediate needs that can’t go unmet and I cannot be put into a position of debt again.  I have the potential but I lack the drive to go after something because it is solely financially beneficial.
  • I have been spending time with people more.  It sounds crazy, but dinner with co-workers, former co-workers, friends, old college roommates… it’s nice to see people and connect beyond the internet or telephone.
  • Despite spending time with “people,” I haven’t been able to see any of my closest friends in a long time.  Not good.  They are the ones that keep me grounded and that I need.
  • BC’s graduating with her MBA in 2 weeks.  Even though we are only a year apart, I feel such motherly pride, which is especially unnecessary when I had nothing to do with this achievement of hers (not even a paper plagarized from me). 
  • Looking forward to having cousins come over.  This is the first summer we haven’t had the “Family Camp” in session and it’s a bit lonely.  I love having cousins come over, and hope that even as things change, I can have a home that is open to all.
  • Jerry is leaving tomorrow.  It is sad but I don’t know anymore.  These guys are amazing and I am so blessed to know them and my sadness is insignificant in the story of their lives.  I am optimistic that through this crazy internet-world, we will stay connected somehow and pray that God blesses him and his family abundantly.  They have sacrificed much and I know God will honor those sacrifices.
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  1. rosamma permalink
    2009-08-01 11:21 PM

    jerry is a fighter. we will miss him and his family will celebrate his return.

  2. Mallory permalink
    2009-08-04 8:34 PM

    Congrats to BC.
    Don’t you miss me??

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