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malayalam monday: twinkle, twinkle little star


If you think being Indian means just one thing, you are missing out.  The two videos below are great examples of the variety among states, regions, and religions.  I can think of at least 2 people I want to send this to, because they are that oblivious.

Video 1: It’s a little longer than the 2nd video (6:34) but has a wider range of regions and shows off the talent of this amazing performer.

Video 2: Briefer, funnier, same performer, but it’s a clip from the actual show it aired on– apparently a Tamil show called Kasalavu Nesam.  After the sitcom part, there is a strange piece that ends with a rocking version of Jack & Jill.

I love the Tamil and Punjabi versions, and the best part of the Malayalam one is the bharatanatyam moves.

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  1. Koche permalink
    2009-08-07 9:38 PM

    am i one of the two or do you have a little more faith in me?

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