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Is including the word “allegedly” and “alleged attack” really necessary when the article goes on to say:

“The officers entered the residence and observed “blood all over the dining room and the kitchen,” according to borough police Detective Lt. Steve Seifried. “As they rounded the corner, they observed the husband leaning over in the kitchen stabbing her in the upper chest.””

I am glad to say that this reporter did NOT go out of her way to find people to say that he was a saint or a choirboy when he was younger.  Instead, there is a wonderful, accurate quote by a friend of the victim about this not being caused by an arranged marriage.

“Athough the marriage of the couple 13 years ago was arranged by their families in India, Jagdish said he did not think that the dominance and controlling nature described by neighbors of the alleged assailant was cultural.

“It’s the personality of the person, not something cultural, otherwise it would happen in all Indian families” said Jagdish, who is Indian. “Killing your own wife … that’s inhuman, isn’t it?””

Yes, Jagdish, it is inhuman.  I am sorry for the loss of your friend, the lovely Pratixabhaven Patel, and condolences to her entire family.  May you find peace in this horrible situation. 

Also wanted to point out that Manavi is the local South Asian domestic violence organization in New Jersey, helping prevent further tragedies like this one.  If you need help, please call.

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