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arm hair


[Sorry, Koche.  I will remember August as one of those months, and will try to plan better for next month.]

I was watching old episodes of 90210 and I noticed that Brenda Walsh has very visible arm hair (dark against her light skin).  Maybe I’m a little hyperalert, but I would opine that standards have changed and actresses these days can’t have armhair on a hit TV show.  What do you think?

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  1. Koche permalink
    2009-08-26 1:36 AM

    no, arm hair isn’t allowed anymore. there’s alot of things not allowed anymore – the remake of beverly hills (called 90210 on the CW) has been under alot of controversy because none of the actresses weigh more than like 110 pounds (and they’re all like 5’6″ and above). and on the old beverly hills, the actresses were like in the 120’s to 140’s. so yeah, arm hair is the least of it.

  2. Mallory permalink
    2009-09-02 1:07 AM

    Man…i wish i wasn’t hairy like my dad. I have to shave my arms to stay ‘girly’. Or else, I’ll look like a man.

    But on a good note, I once watched an ET special and saw Angelina Jolie’s still got her arm hair. There is hope.

  3. Anitha permalink
    2009-10-15 2:42 AM

    I wish the standards hadn’t changed. Sigh!

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