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about the blog

Aleyamma lived in a very different time, in a place far from here, but she represents the circle that repeats– woman, Christ-follower, Indian traditions, living each moment of life to it’s fullest.

This blog is the voice of the new Aleyamma…living, moving, pushing, surviving, achieving, serving, breathing.

Aleyamma is a Machiavallian woman with diverse interests, and so you will see topics that relate to some of the things below…


  • I am blessed to believe in Christ, and to walk in relationship with Him since I was a child, although the past 2 years have been particularly meaningful in my understanding of God.
  • I still struggle with daily discipline in things that should come easier by now, but have also never before understood grace and forgiveness better.


  • Succintly my family is Malayalee Pentecostal, aka Christians from Kerala, India.
  • My sisters are BC and Jinx (aka Koche) who comment on the site, as well as honorary sisters like Mal.


  • Gender, class, race, immigration, media, rape culture, sexual assault, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, domestic violence, community violence, poverty, inequality, Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander, API, AAPI, women, and the list goes on…


Other Stuff

  • Food: can’t cook, but love to taste and analyze food
  • Language: I enjoy languages and this year have had the opportunity to practice & learn Malayalam, Tamil, and some Spanish & Hindi.  As evidenced by “Malayalam Monday,” I am trying to use this as a space to keep track of lessons.
  • Travel: In 2008 I traveled (very conservative estimate) 35,000 domestic and 25,500 international air miles to places like Germany, Paris, Brussels, Delhi, Kerala, New Orleans, California, Chicago, Fargo, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Albany, and more… This does not include the driving miles at each of these places or the daily commute I had of 100 miles/day to get to work.  I spent all or part of 100 days outside of NY.  I don’t think I will beat that number in ’09 but I do enjoy visiting new (and old) places.  UPDATED in 2012: I don’t travel much anymore but still tracking places to go.
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  1. Chai permalink
    2009-04-24 10:57 AM

    You got me! my brain is fried because i’ve been sick all week! Who are you? email me!

  2. 2009-05-13 11:17 AM

    Aleyamma, Enjoy India while you are here (read on WP blog)! 😀

    Vikas, JNU
    New Delhi.


  1. updates « the life and times

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